My Trip to China Was an Interesting Experience


I have only been to a handful of states, so when my boss asked me to fly to China to work out some manufacturing issues, I was hesitant. I have never been to any other nation, and I never thought the first one I would visit would be run by a communist government. I was worried, to say the least. I had to spend a week there working out technical details in a factory. The culture is quite different, but the people I worked with spoke perfect English. Everything from the hotel to the Hong Kong duty free shops was an interesting experience.

I was met at the airport by a man about half my age who spoke English just as well as me. I was really surprised. I thought I would have to use my smartphone to just say hello! He was appointed to me to handle all the details of anything I might need. When I went to a store that sold grocery items, he took things out of my hand that I picked up and chose alternates. He explained that the rules for things were a bit different there, and that there are some products an American should be choosy about. When I wanted to get food from a street vendor, he took me to a restaurant to get the same thing instead. In the city where the factory was, there was smog. I never saw smog before.

When I asked him about getting some gifts for my family, he told me it would be okay to shop at the Hong Kong duty free ones at the airport before my flight out. He just suggested I leave for the airport a couple of hours ahead of when I was going to, and that he would be there to help me. He was a great help to me in communicating with everyone that did not know English. The only time he wasn’t around was when I was asleep at the hotel. It was nice to have the help.