Family Memories Made in Aspen


My husband and I were both born and raised in New York, and it is where we chose to raise our family too. We love everything about our area, including experiencing all four seasons. We especially love winter because we all love to ski, and there are a couple of ski slopes in the area. We do enjoy them, but at least once a year, we head west to enjoy the best skiing that America has to offer. We always look at luxury Aspen rentals and get one for our family of five and anyone else who wants to tag along for a fun ski vacation.

In the past, we have had up to 20 people go with us, but lately, it has just been us or maybe a couple friends of the kids. This last year, all three kids wanted to bring a friend, and my sister and her husband decided to tag along as well. We were still able to get a five bedroom house because the kids all shared rooms with the friends they brought along. My sister and her husband had one of the master suites and my husband and I had the other.

The best part about going to Aspen is the skiing, but there is so much more than just that there. We always have a great time at the rental, no matter if it is just us or a much larger group. We have fun cooking, playing games, watching movies, and even going swimming or lounging in the spa. This last time that we went, we were within walking distance of the ski lift, and that made it so much more convenient for all of us, especially the kids since they were able to go there on their own. We have made a lot of family memories in Aspen, and we plan on making a lot more!