Crippling Thoughts That Keep Men Back From Talking to Great Women


The biggest thing holding a guy back from opening a conversation with a woman is their own overthinking. They are scared of rejection. It’s a staple of the entire thing. Get used to it. They are afraid of saying the wrong thing or offending someone or looking dumb. These are all valid concerns. In reality, they are probably all bound to happen at some point.

The Burden of Overthinking

There will be a time where a guy looks dumb talking to a girl or he says something possibly offensive because he just isn’t thinking out how these words would sound (or he is just an awful jerk). Regardless, it can happen. It may happen. All of these things take away from the very point of talking to a girl in the first place. Guys overthink the entire thing. They eventually wind up just sitting there, twiddling their thumbs around a flat beer.

The Practice

The above leads right into an inevitable part of talking to women- practice. Guys can make all the excuses they want. They are introverted. They aren’t good at talking to women. Sure, all of these things may and probably are true. But, this doesn’t get them out there anyway. Practice is a natural stage of meeting women. Quite honestly, it’s a natural stage of being a person. Men have to practice talking to women, and that will mean doing it far below “an A game.” It will also mean making mistakes, right there, and dealing with them on the spot.

“It’s Not for Me”

“Meeting women at a bar isn’t for me.” Any guy who gets out enough will hear this said a handful of times. Meeting women at a bar may not be for them. But, why a bar? Why not a library? How about a social group? The social situation of a bar leads somewhat favorably to meeting people, but it is hardly the only place to meet real live human beings.

Men create crippling obstacles for themselves. Some of them make sense while others are a figment of their imagination. Talking to women is hard. To learn how to make it a little bit easier, visit